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The event will be held at the Armenian Community Centre of Cambridge, located at 15 International Village Dr, Cambridge, ON N1R 7M5

October 28th, 2023 from 1pm-9pm 

Advocacy, Education, 3-course meal, Entertainment, Prizes, and networking with Real Estate Experts across Canada.

⭐ General Admission Ticket: $200.00 ⭐

Ontario Real Estate Community! Get ready for the Ontario Landlords Watch 5th Annual Private Housing Sector Conference!

Join us for a power-packed event to supercharge your Rental Property Business! Whether you’re a seasoned landlord, property manager, real estate agent, or just starting out, this conference is a must-attend to take your rental business and advocacy to new heights!

📅 Save the date: October 28th! The prestigious Armenian Club in Cambridge will host the event, providing a comfortable environment for networking and learning.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll learn:

🔍 Tenant Screening

📜 Strong Lease Creation

📝 Rental Ad Creation

🛠️ Essential Tools and Programs

⚖️ Landlord and Tenant Board Changes

📑 LTB Forms

📜 Residential Tenancy Act Amendments

📋 New Bill 97

🏢 Municipal Bylaws and Landlord Licensing

🏦 Banking Insights

⚖️ Paralegal Expertise

💼 Investment Opportunities

🔥 Managing Difficult Tenant Situations

📣 Advocacy and Support

But that’s not all! We have an exciting lineup of additional offerings for you:

🍽️ Dinner Buffet: Enjoy a delicious dinner buffet, offering a variety of culinary delights to satisfy your taste buds.

🎉 Entertainment: Experience captivating entertainment throughout the event, ensuring an engaging and enjoyable atmosphere.

🎁 Prizes to be Won: Participate in our prize giveaways for a chance to win exciting rewards and surprises.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn, network, and thrive in the rental market. Change starts here! 🏘️🤝💼

NOTE: If you wish to make your payment conveniently through email money transfer, kindly reach out to us at olwlandlords@gmail.com, and we will promptly send you the registration form. To proceed with the payment, you can use the same email address, olwlandlords@gmail.com, and utilize the password “Private Housing” for the transfer. We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to assisting you with the registration process for our services. If you have any further inquiries, feel free to contact us at any time.

✨ Join us at the Ontario Landlords Watch 5th Annual Private Housing Sector Conference and unlock the secrets to success.

Mat Piche AKA The Fruitful Investor

Mat Piche AKA The Fruitful Investor, is a real estate investor from Canada. Before he got into real estate he was a carpenter with his own business renovating properties strictly for real estate investors. With Mat wanting to get out the back breaking labor of construction, he put two in two together and made the switch to becoming a real estate agent that still specializes solely with real estate investors. By the age of 28 years old, Mat was already a millionaire from real estate investing and by 30, a multi millionaire. He has bought and sold over 150 properties and is a specialists in flipping and AirBnb properties in the USA.


Manjit Virk

Manjit initiated his transactional real estate career in 2008. He earned his reputation as a specialist in the Multi Family universe by uncovering off market transactions through his relentless and tenacious approach to sales and helping grow the wealth of some of the largest institutional landlords in Canada, along with some generationally wealthy families in Toronto. Manjit’s tenacious and relentless business acumen coupled with an ethical and moral base has led to trusting and reliable relationships that drive his business.

Manjit has been leading his team of Multi Family Specialists since the start of 2021, prior to this he coached both buyers and sellers through the transactional process working in tandem with both sides accountants and lawyers.

Manjit founded Infinite Property Group Inc. with the intention of growing the wealth of individual investors by leveraging his professional business spirit, resources, and relationships. Manjit has access to data that will place Infinite Property Group Inc. at the helm of the industry as Manjit’s team of Realtors are constantly at work uncovering both market and off market deals.

Manjit dedicates his time to separating himself and his projects from the industry at large through capitalizing on his experience and knowledge throughout his life. Branding and living up to the brand are prioritized during every action Manjit engages in. Throughout Manjit’s business career he has operated with the base of (HITT) Honesty, Integrity, Trust and Transparency. These 4 structural business pillars are at the base of all business activity.

Samantha F. Glass

Samantha F. Glass has been in the real estate, property management and legal industry for 20 + years. Samantha had opened her own legal firm over 10 years ago with a focus on representing landlords before Landlord and Tenant Board, Human Rights Tribunal and  her collections through litigation programs.

Samantha has been a board member with the Landlord Self Help Center for the past 6 years and also provides public legal education through her not for profit and television show. Samantha often lectures about legal issues and provides Landlord notice clinics throughout Ontario.  Samantha has been teaching landlords how to not only protect themselves and be preventative, but also how to ensure that they treat their rentals as a business. Navigation of the legal matrix requires a specialized skill and Samantha and her team possess this skill set.

As Samantha expands the assistance she provides she is also furthering herself by attending law school to provide even more services and training to landlords.


Jane Dean

After many years of working in the legal system, Jane Dean realized her passion for the law and wanting to give back. She then realized that a future providing legal services in a friendly, respectful, and affordable manner was the career choice for her.

Jane began her legal career as a secretary at the firm of Blakes, Cassels and Graydon in downtown Toronto, Ontario. Since then, she has worked in a variety of roles within the legal profession including working at the Ministry of the Attorney General, the Halton Region Crown Attorney’s Office, the Kitchener-Waterloo courthouse and the Office of the Children’s Lawyer.

In 2016/17, Jane attended Conestoga College’s Post-Graduate Paralegal program graduating with high distinction and earned her P1 Licence in 2017. Her extensive experience working in the judicial system and producing transcripts has prepared Jane to assist those that need legal representation and given her a wide breadth of knowledge of legal principles amid the legal system.

Jane provides legal support in landlord and tenant law, providing assistance to both landlords and tenants since 2019.

Glenn Gosling

Glenn Gosling is not your average paralegal. With a unique blend of medical expertise and legal acumen, Glenn has carved a distinctive path in the world of law. As a registered nurse since 2000 and a seasoned Emergency Medical Assistance Team (EMAT) member, Glenn’s journey has taken him to over 100 countries as a flight nurse, allowing him to gain invaluable insights into crisis management and emergency response. 

Glenn specializes in Landlord and Tenant Law, where he leverages his expertise in dispute resolution and negotiation. He understands the complexities of this area and is dedicated to helping both landlords and tenants navigate legal challenges effectively. 

In the realm of investor-focused legal matters, Glenn excels in Provincial Offences involving orders to comply and stop work orders. His meticulous approach and problem-solving abilities make him an asset for investors seeking guidance and resolution in these matters. 

Glenn Gosling is more than just a paralegal; he’s a multi-faceted professional with a passion for making a positive impact. His diverse background, from nursing to international emergency response, sets him apart and positions him as a valuable resource for individuals and organizations facing legal challenges and emergency situations alike. If you’re seeking legal counsel that comes with a unique blend of expertise and compassion, Glenn Gosling is the paralegal you can rely on.


Lena Guirguis

Lena Guirguis is an entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor, Asset Management Consultant, wife, and a mom with businesses and brands spanning North America. Lena has co-founded numerous businesses including New Venture Management a Business and Real Estate Investment consulting firm established to provide business owners with proven organization structure and workflow. 

Lena began her real estate journey at the age of 21 with the purchase of a mismanaged triplex in Eastern Ontario to buy, fix and hold. By the age of 25, she had acquired a multi-million-dollar portfolio. While buy, fix and hold of multi-family residential properties has always been Lena’s preferred investing strategy, she has amassed multiple Rent-to-Own transactions over the last decade and developed a RECO approved RTO investment process as well as completed land severances and fix and flips both in Ontario and the US. Through her experience, Lena finds underperforming properties with high potential and transforms them into quality rentals while creating ethical win-win situations for all involved by providing her investors and clients secure and hassle free returns, and providing her tenants with safe, quality units to call home.

With the expansion of her family, Lena’s focus shifted to commercial investments namely in the medical sector which resulted in the opening of her first Pharmacy. With a portfolio spanning Ontario and various States in the US, she has developed a solid management system that allows her to remotely oversee the successful management of her investments regardless of its location. Lena lives by the philosophy: “It doesn’t matter where you come from; it’s where you decide you go that counts.” She understands what it is like to work hard for what you have.

Caitlin W. McIntyre

Caitlin W. McIntyre established CWM Law as the Principal Lawyer and  has been providing legal services to the greater Waterloo Region since receiving her call to the bar in 2017.  

Raised in Waterloo, Caitlin completed her Undergraduate Degree with Honours at the University of Waterloo, obtaining a Bachelor Degree in the Arts with a Major in Legal Studies. Caitlin attended Queen’s Law school in Kingston where she focused her studies on Solicitor Work and received the course prize for Wills & Estates Law. 

Caitlin returned home to the Waterloo Region and completed her Articles at Miller Thomson before settling into Cambridge for her first few years of Practice. Now located in Waterloo, CWM Law remains committed to providing exceptional legal advice and services.


Kiruban Kana

With an illustrious career spanning over 22+ years in the banking and mortgage industry, Kiruban Kana stands as a guiding force for financial success. Currently serving as the Founder and CEO of CoffeeandMortgage.ca, he is committed to empowering individuals, to realize their financial, homeownership dreams and build generational wealth through real estate.

Kiruban’s extensive track record includes underwriting mortgages exceeding $1 billion (2014) and achieving recognition as one of the Top 5% of all Mortgage Brokers in Canada. His expertise shines in complex mortgage solutions, including self-employed mortgages (without Notice of Assessments), multiple rental properties, reverse mortgages for seniors over 55+ (without monthly payments) and catering to clients with bankruptcy, consumer proposals, power of sale and distressed assets.

 Beyond his professional pursuits, Kiruban is not just a mortgage expert but also a seasoned Real Estate Investor and Landlord with over 20+ years of experience. His deep real estate market knowledge adds another layer of insight to his financial expertise.

 Kiruban’s dedication and excellence have earned him industry accolades, notably as the 2020 Lender Underwriter finalist of the year across Canada. His extensive experience extends beyond mortgages, encompassing real estate restructuring, where he managed hundreds of millions in assets for major mortgage lenders in Canada. His impressive career journey includes roles at TD Waterhouse, Home Trust, Wells Fargo Financial, Equitable Bank, and Mortgage Investment Company/Hedge Fund.