Ontario Landlords Watch mission is to advocate for change that protects Ontario landlords and create a better system for both good landlords and good tenants.

While we advocate our members are encouraged to help one another deal with day to day operations, sharing informative articles, be an advocate by contacting their elected officials and to be kind and courteous to everyone’s personal opinion.

Our members have spoken, and want a more secure forum to speak to one another and stay focused on our mission to make changes to the RTA, LTB  without any outside interference.

OLW ELITE is our new private group with an intense screening before members are approved.

You can not search for this group and only the admin or members can request that you can join the network.

  • Landlords are required to provide property tax information
  • Property Managers required to provide a business number
  • Realtors are required to provide their real estate license number
  • Paralegals are required to provide a copy of their license

As we transfer our services to this new group, there will be an annual fee to help the OLW group grow into a full-service association for Ontario investors. We have been operating for many years without a fee but the group is growing and so is the workload and we need assistance to keep going strong.

Once we have over 1000 paid members, our group will then qualify for discounted home and auto insurance.

We will be offering our OLW ELITE members the following 

  • Access to our private group 
  • Advocate for Ontario landlords
  • Access to VIP webinars 
  • Discounted tickets to OLW’s yearly conference 
  • Lease Addendum’s for all OLW Elite members 
  • Video access to watch OLW 2018 Conference 
  • Access to OLW supplier list of discounted products & services -Such as $10 dollar credit checks
  • One time pass to partner landlord/investor associations meetings.
  • OLW E-Newsletter  
  • Members name added to our monthly Facebook live prize draw.

Membership annual fee $ 100 



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