Event Details

Ontario Landlords Watch 4th Annual Conference

Date, Time & Location

The event will be held at the Portuguese Club of Cambridge, located at 870 Townline Road, Cambridge, Ontario.

October 1st, 2022 from 1pm-9:30pm ( Networking from 7:30-9:30pm)
Advocacy, Education, 3-course meal, Entertainment, Prizes, and networking with Real Estate Experts across Canada.

Each year, we bring together elected officials and housing community members for our unique housing conferences. 

This year’s housing Conference topics: 

1. Top 5 challenges and solutions to the Residential Tenancy Act 
2. Top 5 issues and solutions for Landlord and Tenant Boards
3. Problems and solutions regarding municipal by-laws
4. Government housing and housing programs for both tenants and landlords 
5. Tenant Screening – Real Estate Expert 
6. Avoiding common LTB mistakes and how to represent yourself at the LTB 
7. Rent reporting, credit checks, and debt collection 
8. Property Management Software for do-it-yourself investors
We are bringing the real estate community together to create a fair and balanced housing industry to protect housing providers, good tenants, and taxpayers. 
This housing conference is a must-attend event for real estate professionals in Ontario.

Ticket Pricing

  • Vip Ticket – Closed
  • Regular Ticket – $195
  • Regular Ticket – Frontlobby And Tenantcube Members $175

Guest Speakers